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Upgrade your NFT experience with FAVORLET, the first NFT wallet.


FAVORLET is an NFT-FIRST wallet that maximizes the utilization of NFT
We aim to create a whole new NFT experience by providing
1. Various convenient functions specialized for NFT 2. Connection between NFTs on the blockchain with the real world


■ Multichain NFT Wallet
We support Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn network.
■ NFT Detail All-in-one
Check all the NFT information in FAVORLET without having to browse multiple information sites, including the floor price of NFT collections, transaction information, official channels and community news.
■ Secure and Convenient
Security is thoroughly maintained with a virtual keypad and biometric authentication. It also provides an NFT viewer function for cold wallet users. You can search your NFTs anytime, anywhere by simply registering your wallet address on FAVORLET.
■ Easy NFT management
You can easily manage NFTs by providing a blacklist filtering function that automatically blocks scam NFTs. It also supports a multi-transfer function that allows you to transfer up to 30 NFTs at a time.
■ Offline holder verification
It provides an offline holder authentication function for various services such as membership, entrance, and discount benefits provided by the NFT project offline. Scan the QR code with the FAVORLET Scanner app!
■ Token Management
Store and transfer your tokens. (More tokens will be added)
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